Get Bad Reputation (and 95 Other Books) For Free!

As my newsletter subscribers know, I recently joined Prolific Works. And I am now doing my first group giveaway! Starting today, you can download 96 e-books featuring fabulous, feisty, female main characters for free. But this giveaway only lasts until July 15th.

My book Bad Reputation is one of the books that is a part of this giveaway. As a lot of you may know, Bad Reputation is my favorite book that I’ve written. Bad Reputation is about Chrissy, a fourteen year old girl from Los Angeles who is hunted by her older brother’s bad reputation. Despite the fact that she is nothing like him, despite the fact that he left town three years ago, she is still judged by his actions. She hates him. But when her apartment building burns down with her dad inside, she has two choices, get in touch with her brother Josh, or go into foster care. Suddenly Chrissy finds herself in Las Vegas, once again stuck with her Josh’s bad reputation. And things only go from bad to worse when Josh accidentally kills someone in a fight.

Does that sound interesting to you? Well, for the next month, you have the opportunity to download Bad Reputation for free. It’s the first time any of my books have been free. Not only can you get Bad Reputation for free, but you can get 95 other books for free. Don’t miss your chance!

To download Bad Reputation or any of the other books in this giveaway, click here.

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