Get Kill the DJ (and 19 Other Books) For Free!

Betrayal Prolific Works Giveaway

I have another group giveaway for you guys! As of right now until August 15th, you can download 20 e-books featuring major betrayals for free!

My book Kill the DJ is one of the books in this giveaway. Kill the DJ was the first book I ever released and follows Mia Forte, a seventeen-year-old girl living in a world that has been ruined by war and poverty. Even though it’s the year 2030 and teenagers carry more of a burden than ever before, Mia has one thing in common with lots of teenagers today: she uses music to escape. When a new, mysterious DJ shows up in town, kids begin acting weird. And Mia thinks the DJ might be to blame. Her suspicions are confirmed when Kelly and Frederick, her younger brother and sister, are taken by the DJ. With a little help from her boyfriend, the new kid in school, Mia goes on a mission to get her brother and sister back.

Does that sound interesting? Well, you’re in luck, because you can download Kill the DJ for free until August 15th. And not only is Kill the DJ free, but so are 19 other books. Go download all of them before you miss your chance!

To download Kill the DJ or any of the other books in this giveaway, click here.

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