Get Kill the DJ (and 20 Other Books) For Free!

YA Sci Fi Fantasy Giveaway

I am participating in another group giveaway! As of right now until September 15th, you can download my book Kill the DJ, as well as 20 other YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy e-books, for free!

Kill the DJ is a YA Sci-Fi book following seventeen year old Mia Forte. Mia lives in the United States in 2030. The world has been ruined by poverty caused by war, and America has taken the worst of it. Mia struggles to take care of her younger brother and sister while also going to school and work. When she has any free time, she likes to dance her troubles away at the clubs with her friends. There’s a new DJ playing at the clubs, and Mia has noticed that his fans have begun acting weird. And when the DJ leaves town and takes Mia’s brother and sister with him, Mia goes on a mission across the country to get them back.

To download Kill the DJ or the other books in this giveaway, click here.

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