Get Daughter of Darkness (and 49 Other Books) For Free!

Things That Go Bite in the Night Giveaway

For the first time ever, my book Daughter of Darkness (Book one of the Jennifer Jones: Vampire Hunter series), is available in a Prolific Works giveaway! There are forty-nine other books in this giveaway, all of them are horror books perfect to help you get in a spooky mood for October!

Daughter of Darkness follows Jennifer Jones, a teenager vampire hunter. It’s September in 1987, and Jennifer Jones is about to start her senior year of high school. She has a good life. She has a great boyfriend and her two best friends by her side. She has a good job at her aunt’s record store and is captain of the archery team. There’s only one thing that stops Jennifer’s life from being perfect: vampires. When Jennifer drinks vampire blood in an attempt to infiltrate their world, she expects it to be easy. As long as she kills the head vampire of the group before she feeds, she will return to her human state. But what happens when Jennifer starts sympathizing with the vampires?

If you are interested in reading Daughter of Darkness (or any of the other books available in this giveaway), click here.

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