This is the note I had in the front of Election Year 2050 during its first year of publication.

A note from the author:

Election Year 2050 was not a book I had ever planned to write. I have over sixty pages worth of book ideas saved on my laptop, and Election Year 2050 was not one of them. I was about to finish my first book, Kill the DJ, in November of 2016, when the Presidential election happened. I was about to start writing my second book, which I had been thinking about writing for a while. The 2016 election was the first election I was old enough to vote in. I was so excited to vote for Hillary Clinton, who everyone knew would become America’s first female President. I was so excited, I even went to the caucus in February. I was proud to be part of what would be a historical moment. And then I woke up at two o’clock the morning after the election. I looked at my phone only to find out that Donald Trump had won, and would be the forty-fifth President of the United States.


How? How could this happen? That was my question. Three million more people voted for Clinton than Trump, but Trump still won. I feel like many Americans showed their true colors when they voted for Trump. I learned who I did not want to associate myself with. A lot of people online were joking around, trying to make light of the whole situation, even though they were nervous. They said that a lot of good punk music would be coming out in the next four years. Because, like it or not, art is political. It has always been, and hopefully it will always be.


I spent the next few days feeling like I was dreaming. This couldn’t be our reality. I saw so many people like my family, blue-collar families, many who lived paycheck to paycheck, celebrating Donald Trump’s win. They were so sure that he was going to make America better for people like them. And all I could think was, “Really? He wouldn’t wipe his ass with you unless you have fifty million in the bank. He doesn’t care about these people. He only cares about certain people. People like him.” And I feel like he proved it with his “thank you tour” where he said he would only be going to the states where he won. And in a moment of paranoia, I thought, “Oh god, what if he kills the rest of us?” And that’s how Election Year 2050 was born.


So, yes, this book is political in a way. I normally write for myself, but I wrote this book for people like me, who are not happy with the direction this country is heading in. For the resisters. This is my way of speaking out and resisting. And if you don’t like that? Then don’t read this book. I don’t care. I didn’t write this book for someone like you. I wrote this book for someone like me. To those who are like me, I want you all to hold on to your hope. Because I have faith that things will change for the better.


-Sunshine G. Bruno